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Еще один ответ от RD

Наконец-то получила сообщение от Дэниела с Берлингтон Аркэйд.
По новинкам
image.jpg image.jpg

.....We have launched the two new fragrances Karenina and Oligarch as Eau de Parfums. As far as I am aware we will not be launching them as Parfums but if anything changes I will let you know.

The official launch date is not until Spetember and so the products information won't be on the website until then. I have a small description for you below of both fragrances and I hope this gives you more information.
Karenina: This fragrance has a big note of Frangipani with Carnation and Vanilla which gives it a beautiful soft richness.
Oligarch: This fragrance has a top note of Lime, Patchouli and pink pepper. It is really fresh and very refined and contemporary.

If you need any further information just let me know. I hope to see you again soon!
Kindest regards,
Tags: roja dove, Новинки 2016

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